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Testing Recipes announces the release of Search Engine Testing

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The IT growth over the past few years brought a forefront focus on Search Engines. The movement was quick and then no one realized when they transitioned from a reference standpoint to the current arena where they affect pretty much everyone in this world.

There is also a lot of misunderstanding in terms of how the web works, what influences the search, and what can be done to make it a positive experience. There is no scarcity in the number of examples to prove as to how the web was exploited by spammers, black hats, and Organizations. The internal search engine processes are not shared publicly and are heavily guarded by trade secrets, confidentiality clauses, and NDA agreements.

There are also a large number of jobs available, which are not advertised openly. These jobs give a decent career options, a flexibility of work from home, and at the same time advantage of working with the best brand names. Additionally, in such a volatile IT industry, these jobs give an option to lead a relatively recession proof career. This particular segment of work will never go down, as long as the Industry survives. A lot of care has been taken to keep the book crisp, brief, and simple. There are lot of flowcharts, screen captures, and real world examples to keep it relevant and practical. The idea is that one should be able to complete it in one single read and reap the benefits by cutting short the learning time. For career aspirants, no one can really guarantee the job but the current book compilation will ensure to reach the final gate in shortest possible time. There will also not be any surprises during the exam.

Reviewed by – Vipul Kocher(President ITB & Founder SaltUniv), Rishi Raj Koul (Head of NSN), Shiv Kumar (Sr Documentation Manager, Freescale), Manmohan Pandey (Sr Test Developer – Arctern), and Vikram Reddy (Sr Test Dev, Aditi), Vivek Sharma (Oracle Corp), and Meenakshi (Test Lead – Sopra)

The book is published by Amazon and available on its online stores in two formats, e-book and hardbound. Hard Copies of the book – dispatched to the libraries of Arctern, McAfee, and Motorola (which is now FreeScale Semiconductor).

A Special Note of Thanks to –
Surya Katakam – Vice President, Arctern
Amazon US – Maturity in their process’s supported by quick turn around time makes it professionally the best experience till date

Buy – In order to purchase hardbound copy of the book, please go to –


In order to purchase the digital copy of the book, please go to –

For additional copies of the book for education, teaching, research, and non-profit organizations, please send a mail to – Contact:

Search Engine Testing

Search Engine Testing

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