Software Testing and QA | Scripts, Utilities, Templates

Software Testing and QA | Scripts, Utilities, Templates


About SoftwareQA Scripts Utilities Templates

The information shared in the current page( SoftwareQA Scripts Utilities Templates) is available under GPL and you are free to use, modify, and distribute it on the same GPL guidelines. There is no need to give/cite credit to the author.


1. Code / Scripts

Mobile Apps – Sanity Test Automation and Release – The first version of the script was written in 2004 in order to accomplish the task of Sanity Test followed by Release. This was integrated with Windows Scheduler Service, which would Trigger The Sanity Test, Generate the Execution Report, and then attach it to a Release mail (no manual interaction). Although it was for Symbian based Apps (jad and jar), a task it still performs. But, it can be extended and tailored to suite specific formats for example., .APK etc.. For any help, please feel free to ping me.

mobile apps – sanity and release automation


2. BVT Test Automation

Security breaches continue to rise, and similar is the state of organisational expenses. There is a dire need to have sleek automation frameworks. This is one similar implementation.

Security Testers

Security Testers


This was done to demonstrate the power of scripting. A combination of Security Testing Tool and its Sanity/Build Verification Test.

Other Details – The way One of the finest Security Engineering Product automated without using any tool (commercial and/or open source). This also makes the suite free from the inherent flaws that come with automated tools.  The suite includes Test Plan, Readme file, and the code (perl). Click App Scan Test Plan – Automation to download.


3. Templates

API Test Plan

API Testing – Language Detection API – Lets face it, API Testing freaks out Testing community (myself included). I have a bigger reason because I have been into leadership roles from past decade. Consequently, my knowledge of API is limited to the Microsoft Windows Era of x86. I recently did a

Test Plan

Test Plan

for a Language Detection API that supported 180 Languages, with various platforms coverage. Sounded scary, but it turned out to be one of the most creative work I have done till date. It is neither black box, nor white box, but can do greater wonders (performance, security etc.). The Company name is deliberately masked and the information captured is limited. Please feel free to ask for any doubts.

API Test Plan POC api test coverage metric

Test Plan

Complete blank templates can often confuse.  The Test Plan Template has been compiled to Test the ITB Web site. Click here to download.

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