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Performance Testing – Ground Up Kit

Performance Testing was always a part of Software Testing whether explicitly stated or not. However, it is only now we see an Industry-wide awareness towards SOA/web-based applications. The expectations sought from this kind of testing are measurable numbers. I have tried to extract the entire essence in terms of minimal words which could serve the purpose to cut short the learning time. Click here for more

Bringing Effectiveness in Bug Reporting

One of the biggest challenge one faces as a Test Professional is when it comes to reporting bugs. No matter how hard one tries, bugs are destined to go back and forth with Testers being at the receiving end. This article discusses the typical problems that one encounters while reporting bugs and concludes with practical solutions. Click here for more

QTP – A brief Primer on Data Driven Implementation

The current document demonstrates an area, where QTP truly excels, i.e., Data Driven Testing. Lets us say that you have a calculator application and you want to test all possible numeric combinations with all the available operators. Click here for more

Open Source Tools for Test Automation – A Sahi Implementation

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of advancements in the world of Open Source. One of the blissful experience was to witness the change in mindsets in the manner in which Software Test community is perceived. The current paper is an attempt to understand and get started in Sahi short & crisp document. Click here for more

Nuts and Bolts of Code Coverage Testing

Software Testing has evolved and matured over the past few years on all the fronts, be it process or technical. When it comes to Code Coverage Testing, there always remain debates with novel & professionals alike each claiming its own definition of Code Coverage. The biggest universally accepted myth is that 100% code coverage guarantees exceptional quality. Click here for more

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