Facebook Work from Home Scam

Facebook Work from Home Employment Scam

there is a news floating all over the web about jobs available in Facebook under 2 conditions –

  1. Pay ex-amount of some vendor, who will get you the job/work. 
  2. Click on the link Provided, which claims to be available for 30 minutes and would expire as soon as the openings get filled up. 

Reality about online jobs – 

  1. No vendor would ever ask for money to get you a job/and/or work, regardless of the situation. There can be, in some situations, certain pre-requisite skill sets where there are trainings available being offered for the jobs. In the later case, there can be no guarantee of the job.
  2. Clicking the link downloads a malware, which keeps multiplying and forces browser to navigate to specific pages instead of where you want it to. Since it is malware (and not virus), it has a potential (and actually has) infected pretty much all the platforms including MAC. 

Solution to Facebook Employment Scam – 

  1. In case the link looks legitimate, hover the mouse and see where it is being redirected. In case it is not, then you know its a spam. Even if you click, but being asked if you really want to close it, its a clear cut indication. 
Facebook India Employment Fraud

Facebook India Employment Fraud Jobs in Facebook


Truth about Facebook Jobs

Yes, Facebook has launched a program for off-loading work to India on the occasion of Independence day.

  1. Unless the Url has Facebook included, it is most likely to be spam/fraud.
  2. Unless it comes from an Internationally Reputed Firm, it is again most likely to be a spam. 
  3. In case anyone is interested in this work, send me a mail and I should be able to route you to the right mailbox/person. 


  1. I would like to go into the details , Please send me the right link so that I can understand what is it all about.

  2. Profile photo of Abhinav Vaid

    Thanks for messaging. The work is offered by Leapforce (which does not seem to have an office in India). Here are two options, in case you are keen to work for Facebook –

    1. Apply through Leapforce Work at home scheme. In case you want to use my reference, here is the url – https://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/jobs/list?uref=788bd2d5ab90459e74877528c174b55d. Please note that every new joinee gets me a referral bonus of $25.
    2. The mail that I received had a clause, “its upto me whether I want to do the work myself or want to outsource it to other team members and/or contractors”. There was no ceiling limit mentioned. In this case, I will be be held accountable for the quality of deliverables, but no exam, no interview, and I see the work already available.
    For the 2nd point, there should be a mail in your mailbox.
    I am always available to extend whatever help I could possibly extend.


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