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Abstract – The current post is about IT Industry with India as an Outsourcing Hub. It reflects a personal experience which turned out to be completely different to what I had read.

I have been a part of the IT Industry from over 16 years now. I have seen highs and lows, the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of the key eyewash remained consistent. What we hear or read is not always true and really not sure why? There is nothing more depressing when you go to a marketplace and see that you are disqualified/ non – eligible to even bid for the project because of the following quote – INDIAN COMPANIES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE

Is this the future we are going to give to the generations that lie ahead.

Without getting into any further details, I wanted to share a personal experience that I had in the same marketplace. Here is what happened –

1. I received an offer for a Project, to play the role of an SME. The company was big, and they have teams to take care of technical writing, graphics, marketing and so on. It was on hacking, and I instantly grabbed it.

2. Two days later, I had to travel to Malaysia for a friend whom I cannot say no. After reaching back, I discovered that there was a tragedy in our family from which we will never recover. I kept apologising to the client and kept him in loop. He was nice and accommodative and I was full of guilt. The end result was that it was delivered with a delay of more than a month, and the following facts followed –

  1. It was accepted in the first go, with no questions asked.
  2. I received a 5 Star Rating.
  3. After acceptance, I received two payments which I originally thought could be a mistake. The reason was different and I was shocked. Here are the screen captures that say it all.

What I am trying to highlight the emphasis on transparency and honesty. We might not be smart, and we might have our shortcomings, but that does not stop us from being honest, and we do not abandon the ones who trust us.

I am sharing the personal experience to emphasise the importance of faith and integrity. Do the right thing, do it honestly, and you will have the entire Universe support you. This goes to my Team at Volt Information Sciences, whom I love the most.

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