Micromax Doodle 2 Review Comments

Micromax Doodle 2 Review Comments

Note – The review on Micromax doodle 2 was originally published in Times of IT

Micromax Doodle 2 A240 is a feature rich smartphone released at a competitive price. The excellent review feedbacks prompted me to buy one.

My experience turned out to be different. This, in turn, gave me an opportunity to test the phone and share the findings. Here are the high level findings (this is a personal/end user experience and not related to any individual or organization) –

Micromax doodle 2 Customer Support

Micromax doodle 2 Customer Support

Usability –

Hardware – Opening and closing the shutter to insert sim card is not intuitive for a first time user.

Software – Predictive text input hardly works.

Security – Bluetooth is disabled by default. Comes with M Security software that has on Access Scanner enabled. All the apps are scanned after download. Transferred a virus-infected file and it was immediately removed.

Device Drivers – decent performance except for Wireless (more details later)

Video – Excellent video quality and phone does not fail to deliver regardless of how hard you stress it. Supports multiple formats including MP4, DivX, and WMV.

Audio – Excellent Audio clarity during calls (both microphone, speaker, and loudspeaker). Supports a variety of Audio formats including MP3 AAC, and WAV

Messaging – SMS, MMS, and all standard formats like Push, email client etc. Decent performance.

Memory Slot – no memory slot available.

Auto Rotate Screen – for most apps, it does not work on the home screen but starts working once you get inside/start navigating the app.

USB Support – Connects successfully to any laptop, desktop (tested on Windows7 and Mac Air). Functionality of some apps gets limited once the usb mode is enabled (as per design).

Airplane Mode – works fine and disables respective functionality except GPS (not sure if its as per design)

Data Connection – Not possible to disable within a few seconds of enabling it. It behaves the same vice versa and is 100% reproduce-able.

Serial Number – 123456789ABCDEFG. No clues.

Wireless – claims to support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct.

Bluetooth – supports 4.0 and theoretically a decent transfer speed. Bluetooth and WLAN are mutually exclusive – Yes, as per design.

Stylus – S Pen – no slot for attachment. It is hard to carry separately with a high chance of getting misplaced.

Below is the list of some show stopper bugs, which should have been fixed before bringing the product to market –

1. Wireless functionality hardly works. Tested with all the protocol modes with a close proximity to Access Point.

2. Battery – If the complete battery discharges, it does not seem to charge in the first go. As a workaround, you need to plug in the charger till indicator shows up.

3. Security App – Legal Trap by Micromax – The device comes bundled with M! Security App, which scans all downloads by default. The software is evaluation, which is not mentioned anywhere. It triggers only when the evaluation period expires. It displays 2 options –

a. Activation – it does not specify the amount that will get billed against the subscription, in case you activate. Going through the license agreement reveals that the Software is from a different entity i.e., NQ Mobile

b. Un-Installation – it does not show the option to un install. I know the workaround (from a technical standpoint) to make it work. To the best of my understanding, that means, “all the customers using the device are violating the Licensing Agreement.”

4. Customer Support – It is not possible to reach out to customer support, because the functionality of interface is broken (screen capture attached).


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