Computer Viruses

About Computer Viruses

This is to present a holistic view on the evolution of Computer Viruses

Origins of Computer Viruses

The earliest computer virus was detected to have been authored by two Pakistanis, who created it to give a demonstration about potential security flaws. They admitted(on being approached) & also expressed their shock to hear the damage the virus had eventually done, which, according to them, was not the original intention.

Computer Test Virus

Computer Test Virus

Test Viruses – these are not the real viruses and are used by the test engineering teams in companies who work in the area of computer security. Test Viruses are used to evaluate the effectiveness of Anti-Virus Test Engine i.e., to ensure that the Anti-Virus engine is working effectively. Some of the popular programs include eicar and trygurard.

How to Create an Eicar Test Virus?

In order to Create a Test Virus, perform the following steps –

  1. Navigate to
  2. Copy the text string”

    ” and create a new text file with the copied content

  3. Save the text file as any extension i.e., .txt, .com, etc…
  4. Notice the results

Reference – click here to see the walkthrough on creating a virus in 3 steps

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