Internet and Software Security

This is a repository of Internet and Software Security related scams that continue to plague the Internet

Spam and Scams Exposed

This is a repository of some of the most common scams (career/others). The information provided comes out of real world experiences and shared with an intention to help career aspirants/others, which might help them making informed choices

Career Jobs Related Scams

1. Hong Kong Bank –

I received a mail from a guy, who claimed to be the Vice President of Hong Kong Bank(US Location) and trying to get in touch with me. I also noticed a few missed calls from US numbers, which seemed to match with what this guy claimed. I responded asking him about the details of his time zone & preferred time to talk. What followed was the screen capture below.


Hongkong back

Analysis – details of the scam/sources/solutions are irrelevant unless you have already been duped. Simply stated, ignore any similar offers.

2. HCL Recruitment Scam –

I received a mail from a job portal about a job position in HCL. It sounded impressive opening and I raised a query. The reply I received was very well crafted and highly professional and impressive. The back and forth continued the way it happens in the IT Industry. One fine day, I receive an offer letter which was surprising because I was never formally interviewed. That said, there has been one instance where an offer was released without interview, but in this particular case they were demanding for a fee to be deposited in their account, that would ensure candidate’s availability. I reached out to my closest and more experienced friends including Mayank Sharma and Vipul Kocher, who told me to go ahead but I was still skeptical. I wrote a mail to HCL’s recruitment team but never heard back. A few search triggers and research revealed it all. Then I approached HCL’s whistleblower Team, who were very prompt and responsive. Their mail had landed up in my junk folder and today when a close ex-colleague inquired about this opening, I noticed their emails. The screen captures below reveal it all –

acknowledgement from HCL whistle blower team

Acknowledgment from HCL whistle blower team


Fraudulent Signature of a Person claiming to be HCL’s CEO

HCL Offer Letter

HCL Offer Letter

HCL whistleblower team

Mail from Abhinav to HCL Team

Analysis – Whenever there is a doubt, reach out to HR/recruitment/Industry experts but never pay money. These are highly professional companies which, at times can ask for some kind of security to ensure candidates don’t dupe them (a very common practice among us), but won’t ask for money.

Other Scams –

This comes more out of what I see in our day to day lives. My dad being in the legal profession has often been approached when people get duped. Unfortunately, the Judicial Laws in and around the world of Cyber Space are new with not much awareness to the masses. It is best to avoid by not getting trapped. The ones below is going to be a repository of most common similar practices. If anyone has been trapped or is doubtful about something, please feel free to get in touch with the editor. 1. Paypal Fraud

  1. Paypal Fraud –

anything that is asking about bank details, PIN details etc., should ideally be ignored. In case doubtful about the importance & legitimacy of mail, a simple google search would reveal it all. The screen captures of Paypal Fraud embedded below are self-explanatory.

PayPal - Chip and PIN card fraud

Paypal – Account updation Request

Google Search - paypal fraud

Google Search Results – PayPal fraud

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