Testing Recipes – a dedication to Software Test Community

Testing Recipes is a site dedicated to Software Testing Community. It was originally started to serve as a repository of Technical Papers on niche areas of Software Testing. However, the site has now transitioned into a self-sustaining platform.

The site consists of –

  1. Knowledge base – a repository of published papers
  2. Tools, Utilities,  and Templates – useful tools, templates and utilities for download under Open Source GPL (no sign in required)
  3. Books and Publications – Books authored by community members
  4. Product Reviews
  5. Classic bugs

Our Affiliates & Business Partners

We have an affiliation account with Amazon and an Adsense account with Google.

Meet the Team

Testing Recipes was originally started by Abhinav Vaid, but is now supported by a team of volunteers.

Click here to meet the team

Spam Policy

We have a zero tolerance for spam. One exception and the account is terminated without notice. Important technical developments, job opportunities, & other information is sent to the community members as a part of the newsletter. Our commitment is unconditional, & expect nothing in return. If someone does, please let us know.


  1. Great content. Valuable Knowledge.

  2. Valuable content.


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